Redmi Note 8 received the MIUI 13 update in internal MIUI Beta. Therefore, we thought that the Redmi Note 8 would receive the MIUI 13 update. 

However, 16 days ago, the internal MIUI 13 tests of this device were stopped. The suspension of internal MIUI 13 tests means that the Redmi Note 8 will not receive the MIUI 13 update. 

The fact that the highly selling Redmi Note 8 will not be able to receive this update will upset its users. 

Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 8 with MIUI 10 based on Android 9 in 2019. Redmi Note 8 received Android 10 and Android 11 updates. 

There was a possibility that Redmi Note 8 will get MIUI 13. Redmi Note 8’s China Beta program was shut down on November 24, but continued to receive internal MIUI Beta updates. 

Internally upgraded to MIUI 13 along with other devices as of December 20, 2021.

Redmi Note 8 continued to receive the MIUI 13 update internally for 5 months and 26 days. However, the model, which received the last internal MIUI 13 update as of June 16, 2022, did not receive any internal MIUI 13 updates afterwards 

We did not want to give sad news to users, but Redmi Note 8’s internal MIUI 13 update tests have been discontinued.