What is Mi F-Code? How to Generate & use it for buying a smartphone?

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✓What is Mi F-Code? How to Generate & use it for buying a smartphone?, ✓Xiaomi Mi.com F-Code, how to generate it and use it for buying a Mi/Redmi mobile. ✓Mi F-Codes, Usage & Specification, generate for free, convert mi tokens to Mi F-Code ✓Buy Products using F-Codes

Are you a mi user or interested in buying a Xiaomi smartphone? Do you have a question regarding what is Mi.com F-Code and how to get F-code free to buy Xiaomi phones without Flash sale?

If yes then it’s very interesting. In this post, you will get all the information and queries related to Mi F-code and how to use & get mi F-codes for free.

Get Free Mi F-Codes, Usage & Specification

Xiaomi has now become India’s most leading smartphone company. Xiaomi is one of the most popular smartphone brands that come with affordable smartphones.

As we know Xiaomi’s flash sales stock out within a sec. You are lucky enough if you add it to your shopping cart. Many users fail and get the message “Sorry! Xiaomi Phone is sold out”.

And this is the reason you should know about Mi F-codes. For all those unlucky users the F-Code will be much handy. You can get it from F-codes easily.

Let’s know what is f-code and what is f-code used for? How is f-code helpful in buying flash sales products at mi.com?

What is Mi F-Code?

Mi F-code stands for Friends code and it is a priority code for Xiaomi users. These codes are a combination of numbers and letters. Only lucky customers get this code if they contributed to the Mi site first.

Getting an f-code is not so easy. Even most of the customers don’t know what an F-code is. It’s a kind of thank giving to Xiaomi fans for their continuous contribution to the Mi community

F-codes enable you to buy specific products from mi store at any time without waiting. F-codes are granted to MIUI forum moderators, Mi Community administrators, Mi Fan Club presidents, and more!

How to Generate Mi F-code for Free?

You can generate Mi F-Codes for free in multiple ways. First, if you order any of Xiaomi products online from the Xiaomi official site mi.com. You will get F-Codes based on the price of products as a thanks prize by Xiaomi India.

There is also a simple way to generate f-codes for free. Please follow these simple steps given below

  • Visit mi.com or mi.in or Xiaomi official app.
  • You can also visit other Mi forums such as en.miui.com or miui.com.
  • Next, you need to sign in to those forum sites with your existing Mi account.
  • Participle in the miui threads by commenting. You get f-codes for each comment you publish.
  • Give feedback to the product related to your choice. You will also collect 5 F-codes for each feedback.
  • That’s all! If you’re lucky enough, Xiaomi will soon send F-Code to you.

What is the Use of Mi F-Code?

F-codes enable you to buy specific products from mi store at any time without waiting.

This means if you have much more f-code then you are a prior customer for Xiaomi. You can use this F-Code to buy any Xiaomi product without waiting for the flash sale.

Now if you already have an F-Code and don’t know how to use f-code to redeem for the smartphone. Then just follow the simple steps given below

How to Use Mi F-Code?

F-code is really very beneficial if you want to buy any Xiaomi device instantly without any flash sales. Follow the steps below to redeem mi F-Codes

  • Firstly visit Xiaomi’s official site mi.com.
  • Go to the product buying page. Here you will see an option of F-code.
  • On the next page, you need to enter the F-code in the first box.
  • And next please enter the Captcha code in the second box. Once entered, your details click on “USE F-CODE”.
  • Wait a while it will check whether your f-code is valid or not.
  • Also after then, you will see a list of different models of Xiaomi products.
  • If you are sure to purchase select your model and make an order. use it.
  • The product will be automatically added to your chart.
  • Now Checkout by selecting to pay either online or COD option.
  • That’s all!!! You will get your product without any flash sale. 

Mi service center Appointment booking

Mi provides a facility of appointment booking for their customers. Before visiting nearby stores we recommend you book your appointment in advance.

Mi Advance booking appointment helps you to save your precious timing and also confirm the availability of technicians at your booked date.

Follow these steps to book your mi service center appointment fast:-

  1. Open any browser of your pc or mobile.
  2. Visit https://mi.hate2wait.io and fill in the details.
  3. Select your product category and product type.
  4. Provide your pin code and then select the “Repair at ASC” in-service option.
  5. Now fill in all the details like name, mobile number, email id, and select the date & time slot for your appointment.
  6. After that verify the captcha and mobile number for a successful booking.
  7. Hurray! Your appointment for mi services is booked.

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I had tried to give you all the values and accurate information about What is Mi F-Code? How to Generate & use it for buying a smartphone? and hope so you liked my content.

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