How to Track Lost Mi Smartphone? Mi Cloud Find my device

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Are you a Mi User and have lost your Mi smartphone. Then you need not worry this article will help you to track your lost Mi Smartphone, using Mi cloud to find your device.

There are lots of Xiaomi smartphone users across India. More often if they lost their smartphone. All the important things like their document, images, videos, voices, chats on that phone may get lost.

If I say you will get all these things back including with your smartphone. How was your reaction? It’s totally co0l and relaxable, isn’t it?

Here is the completed process of how will you find or track your lost Mi smartphone.

In this article, we have also focussed on different aspects of Mi Cloud services, how we will find lost Mi devices with mi cloud find my device feature.

Mi Cloud Find my Device Features and Uses

Do you know Mi find my device app comes pre-installed on all Xiaomi devices? Just keep these things in your mind and find out this option on your devices.

You have just turned on the option of finding my device in Mi smartphone. But how to turn on this track my device option and how it works, please follow the below steps.

After enabling this mi cloud to find my device feature in the smartphone now you can track your lost Mi phone using your Mi cloud account login from any other existing mobile, laptop, or PC.

After login to Mi Cloud, you can use any browser to track Mi lost smartphone. Let’s know how to turn on the Find my device feature in Mi Smartphone.

How to turn on find my device in Mi Smartphone?

To do this you need to go through Mi account, please don’t be confused with a Google account. Google account and Mi account both are different.

If you don’t have a Mi account create a new one, now is the best time to create a Mi account.
Click here:- How to create Mi Account

To track your lost mi smartphone just focus on the below steps to enable find my device:

  • Go to Settings> Mi Account>Sign in.
  • Sign in to Mi Cloud using your Mi account.
    After signing in at bottom of the menu, you will see the option activate your find device function.
  • Activate it by clicking just OK, using the slider.
  • That’s all!

Now there is another way to find out your lost mi devices, using Mi Cloud go through it. Just know how to track Mi lost phone using mi cloud account.

How to Track Lost Mi Smartphone with Mi Cloud Account

Once if you enabled the Find Device option in Mi Cloud Account. Then it’s very simple now for the next move. Now you can track your Xiaomi device by sign-in with the same id in your Mi Cloud Account in any of your favorite browsers.

Steps to Follow

  1. Firstly make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet via WiFi or Mobile data.
  2. Then next Go to the browser and open Mi Cloud Account.
  3. Now Sign-in with the same account (not a google account) and make sure that you have previously used this id in your lost Mi device.
  4. Here you will find the different options in the Mi cloud account homepage just Click on Find Device.
  5. Now Click on the Online option. It will reflect in the upper right corner.
  6. Now a pop-up window will open just Click on Locate Device option.
  7. Wait for a while it will take some time to locate your device and tell you the approximate location of your lost device.
  8. Move forward to your lost device location and click on the Noise option.
  9. This will ring your device even if it is in silent mode or vibrate mode. This will make your phone noise at maximum volume. The volume key does not work and unlocking the screen the mouse will stop.
  10. Now enable Lost Mode. If it is enabled the device will be locked once it is online and only be unlocked after the correct Mi account password is typed.
  11. That’s all now you can find your device.

In case you are not able to track your mi device then use the wipe option. This will automatically delete all of your important data including photos, videos, docs, contacts, SMS, and call logs from the lost headset.

Now just click on Wipe Device to delete all of the data including media stored in lost mobile. And your lost Mi device will be set to factory reset settings.

I hope this method will definitely work for you to find your lost Mi smartphone. Now, let’s know how to turn off the find device in MI.

How to turn off find my device in Mi

If you are not using find my device anymore in your smartphone. And you feel that Find my Device feature is useless and draining your smartphone battery fast. Then have to turn off this feature.

Follow the simple below steps to turn off the find device feature in the Mi phone.

  • Firstly Open the Mi Cloud Account.
  • Now log in using your Mi Account and go to the Find Device feature.
  • A list of all your login devices will be shown here.
  • Now you have to choose which device you wish to open.
  • Next, in the upper right corner Click on the three dots.
  • You will get here the option to turn off Find Device.
  • That’s all. Now enjoy.

How to fix Mi find my device closed unexpectedly?

This is obvious, some of the Mi smartphones find the Mi device app is not working properly. This app has a nominal issue and the app is crashing unexpectedly in smartphones.

Frequently I will say you that this crashing issue is happening with AirTel users. If you have the My Airtel app on your device, then this problem occurs. Please uninstall this My airtel app from your device to fix the Mi find device app crash issue.

In some case, if you are not an Airtel user and doesn’t have the My Airtel app installed on your device. Update your mobile to the latest available version. This will fix your all issues regarding airtel finding my device.

About Mi Find my Device App

Android Device Manager is the perfect application to find your smartphone, wherever it is, and to protect your files and other data.

Some of the basic details regarding mi find my device is listed below

File NameMi Find deviceFile TypeApkFile Size01 MBSupported devices android 11+App version11.30

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Last Words:

I had tried to give you all the values and accurate information about How to track lost Mi smartphones? Mi Cloud find my device, and hope so you liked my content.

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