What is Mi Extended Warranty Plan, Claim, Check price & Buy online

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Are you a Mi user and wanted to extend the warranty for your Xiaomi products. Xiaomi provides us with a better option to extend our warranty periods for all products. 

We already know how Mi products rapidly capture Indian markets. Mi Stores contribute 15% to India business. Now as much demand for Xiaomi products increases in the market, Xiaomi starts to facilities their customers.

Do you know, this is very interesting. Xiaomi provides an extended one-year warranty plan on different products, which means you may protect your device one extra year from the date of purchase at a nominal cost.

And you will protect yourself from spending too many expenses on your products got damaged. As Xiaomi provides an Extended Warranty and this will start after when your manufacturer’s year warranty period ends.

Let’s know about what is mi extended warranty is and how we claim for one extra year?

What is Mi Extended Warranty Plan? (EWP)

Mi Extended Warranty Plan (EWP), effectively transfers the financial risk of product break down from the buyer of the EWP to its provider.

In event of the covered product breaking down functionally, the provider of the Extended Warranty undertakes the repairs of the product as per the terms specified in the Extended Warranty Plan.

If you purchase the Mi extended warranty plan, you can extend the length of the warranty period of your Xiaomi products by a further year.

This will protect you from spending thousands in the event your product breaks down.

Your Mi extended warranty coverage begins the day after your manufacture warranty ends, waiting for you seamless extended coverage.

This is all about Mi Extended Warranty but why did I choose Mi extended warranty and how is it helpful for us?

Reasons Why to Choose Mi Extended Warranty?

Avoid a load of unexpected repair costs by extending the warranty on your new devices and ensuring their protection for an extra year at a nominal cost.

The specific reason why to choose mi extended warranty plans are listed below

  • Guarantees peace of mind and protects your device even after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.
  • 100% Cashless Repairs: You do have not to pay even an extra single penny. All labour and spare part costs are included in the plan fee.
  • Truely Unlimited Repairs:- No restrictions on the number or amount of claims you do with your products. You can claim your repairs as much time as your products got damaged.
  • Free Pickup and drop:- You have not to travel here and there just sit relax at your home. Free transportation of your device to the Service center and back to your home.
  • Hassle-Free Repairs:- Don’t be hesitate, feel free to contact me anytime. Just pick up your phone and schedule a repair using the app from the comfort of your home.
  • Genuine Repair Parts:- You do have not to worry about the damaged parts of your products. Only genuine repair parts are used to repair your device.
  • Affordable plans:- Starting at just ₹399, Mi extended warranty plans are just right for your new device!
  • Help reduce unexpected repair costs that may arise due to device failure or malfunction.
  • Ensure that your device is repaired by an expert and trusted technician.

Now you are quite familiar with the mi extended warranty and but how can you avail this mi extended warranty.

Here is the full instruction and guide about how to buy mi extended warranty and avail your benefits right now.

How to buy Mi Extended Warranty?

You can buy your extra one-year extended warranty plans for your device at a very minimal cost. You can avail of these benefits on online purchases as well as Offline purchases.

Online Purchase:

You can purchase extended warranty plans either along with your device or within 3 days of delivery from mi.com or Mi Store App.

Offline Purchase:-

You can also purchase Extended warranty plans offline from our Field Service Engineers within 270 days of delivery.

The plan will be auto-activated and you will get a welcome mail by OneAssist after the plan activation process is completed.

Let’s know about how to claim Mi extended warranty Plan. In just a few seconds you will claim your extended warranty plan.

How to Claim Mi Extended Warranty Plan?

Mi product original manufacturer warranty is covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. For this, you can visit the nearby Mi service center.

In the case of Mi extended warranty, if you are facing an issue with your Device intimate OneAssist by calling 1800-123-3330 within 7 calendar days of its occurrence. It is totally toll-free number.

Steps to settle your Mi Extended Warranty Claim

  • Intimate about your product’s issues directly. Login to OneAssist App or call mi executives at the toll-free number 1800-123-3330.
  • Keep the invoice of the device/products which you wanted to claim.
  • Mi executives will arrange an on-site repair by Xiaomi Authorized Service Centre within 24 working hours of claim registration.
  • You will get guaranteed resolution within 10 days because customers satisfaction is important for Xiaomi.
  • No extra charges for technician visits and also no labour charges.

Claim Mi Extended Warranty using the One Assist Mobile App

Follow these steps below to book your claim for mi extended warranty for your products

  • Please Login into the OneAssist website www.oneassist.in
  • Fill in the required details and also explain the issues you are facing with your products.
  • You must upload a copy of the purchase invoice of your device.
  • Make sure to choose your time and location.
  • A certified service expert visits you as per your chosen time and location and your device is repaired at no cost to you.

Now let’s know about the pros and cons of Mi extended Warranty, given to their customers on different products.

What is covered under an extended Mi warranty?

  • 100% cashless repair of your products. You need not pay a single penny for the labour & spare parts as labour and spare part costs.
  • It’s truly unlimited which means you can raise multiple claims up to Sum Insured during the tenure of membership of extended warranty period.
  • Free pickup and drop of your device to the service center and back to home.
  • Schedule for repair by using an App just sitting at your home.
  • Affordable plans and only genuine spare parts are used during the repair of your device.
  • A qualified technician will repair your products.

What is not covered under extended warranty

You have to take care of these things before you are claiming for extended warranty.

  • If the user has made unauthorized attempts to repair the product.
  • You are not eligible for an extended warranty plan if a claim by the user is not intimated within 7 days of the problem occurring.
  • If the required documents (warranty card or invoice of product) are not provided.
  • Any misuse of the product is not covered under this extended warranty.
  • Reason for product failure excluded in the coverage as mentioned in Terms & Conditions.
  • Accidental and Liquid damage is not covered under the Extended Mi Warranty plan.

Mi Extended Warranty Plan & Price

Generally, the extended mi warranty plan starts at just ₹399, it is just right for your new device. Its cost is very much lower than your one-time restaurant bill. Even lesser than the cost of a trip to the movies with your family.

Here is the list of extended warranty plans of Xiaomi on different devices. Let’s explore

Mi extended plans & price for TV

Mi TV ModelPrice
Mi LED TV 4A PRO 32399
Mi TV 4A 80 cm (32) Horizon
Mi TV 4A 40
Mi LED TV 4A PRO 43699
Mi TV 4A 108 cm (43) Horizon
Mi TV 4X 50
Mi TV 4X 43
Mi TV 4X 551199
Mi TV 4X 65

Mi extended plans & price for Mi Laptops Notebooks

Mi Laptop extended Plans For 1 Year

Mi Laptop ModelPrice
Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition1599
Mi Notebook 14 8GB+256GB/8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+UHD Graphics
Mi Notebook 14 8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+Nvidia MX250
Mi Notebook 14 Horizon 8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+Nvidia MX350
Mi Notebook 14 Horizon 8GB+512GB
i7 10th Gen+Nvidia MX350

Mi Laptop extended Plans For 2 Year

Mi Laptop ModelPrice
Mi NoteBook 14 e-Learning Edition2499
Mi Notebook 14 8GB+256GB/8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+UHD Graphics
Mi Notebook 14 8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+Nvidia MX250
Mi Notebook 14 Horizon 8GB+512GB
i5 10th Gen+Nvidia MX350
Mi Notebook 14 Horizon 8GB+512GB
i7 10th Gen+Nvidia MX350

Mi extended plans & price for Smart Water purifier

Mi water purifierPrice
Mi Smart Water Purifier499

Mi extended plans & price for Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Price
Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P 999

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Last Words:

I had tried to give you all the values and accurate information about the Mi Extended Warranty Plan, Claim, Check price & Buy online for Mobile, TV & Laptops, and hope so you liked my content.

But still, if you have any questions or issues regarding this feel free to contact us. We respect your any kind of opinion. Your feedback is more valuable for us.

If you found any error or mistake in the whole section please comment below, we will try it to update as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

How long after my product purchase date can I purchase the plan?

Extended Warranty plans(except Laptops) can be bought from mi.com up to 3 days after delivery and from one of our field service engineers up to 9 months after delivery.

Where can I buy Mi Extended Warranty plan?

Mi Extended Warranty plans are sold through mi.com. You can also purchase an Extended Warranty Plan (except Laptop Extended Warranty Plans) from one of our field service engineers.

When does the Mi Extended Warranty start?

Your Extended Warranty coverage begins the day after your manufacturer warranty ends, ensuring you a seamless extended coverage.


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